These are our first 5 CUREkids!

Simply click on their picture and it will direct you to their fundraising page.


             Condition: hydrocephalus and spina bifida
        Country: Zambia 
At only 11 days old, Alex is still figuring this whole life thing out. So far, his favorite activities are sleeping, eating, crying, and staring at the ceiling. He is the first child of his 17 year old mother, Caren, who, on top of being in school and raising a child, now has the added worry of having a sick child. Alex was born with spina bifida, a condition where part of the spine sticks out of the lower back in a fluid filled sack. This condition leaves Alex open to infection and neurological danger, making it a very dangerous condition. In addition, he also has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus. Fortunately for both Caren and Alex, Caren’s mother is very supportive of her daughter and had heard of us here at CURE Zambia through a business contact a while back. As soon as Alex was born and the conditions identified, the pair made plans to travel here and get their baby boy treated. Now that they are here, Alex will be treated and will leave here with the danger to his life eliminated! This will relieve some of the pressure of Caren as she steps up to the challenge of being both a mother and a student.


  Condition: leg deformity
  Country: Kenya
I am not sure if the person who accompanied Humphrey was his father or his grandfather, but it was clear that he was exhausted by the many trips in and out of the hospital. “Humphrey had an accident when he was a bit younger” Humphrey’s elderly guardian told me, we have been to three different hospitals, gone through three different surgeries but there is no progress in Humphrey’s condition. “I am tired, the strength I had to accompany him to this surgery came from God and I don’t know how much more strength I have” he told me. Humphrey went through surgery today and doctors did a bit of bone grafting. Please be praying for him through this process. Please also pray that God will give him and his guardian the strength to get through this hard time.


      Condition: arm deformity
    Country: Ethiopia
Natnael was born here in Addis, with a hand deformity. He has long been ashamed of how his hand looks, and hides it from other people. He is shy, and does not often play with friends or go out and be social. He is in grade 9 at school, and does very well with his studies. Natnael and his family were referred to CURE from people they met, and they have come to see how he can be helped.


Condition: clubfoot
Country: Ethiopia
Tamirat has an amazing story and I am very pleased to say that it has been one of great triumph! Tamirat originally came to us 6 months ago, referred by another young man who was a patient of CURE. He is a bit older than our usual patients, so were not able to help him as a charity case. We gave him a discounted, but appropriate price for the surgery he would need to fix his clubfoot, and he spent the next few months going around Addis Ababa to all of his friends, contacts, and even to businesses, raising money to pay for the surgery on his right foot. He came and the surgery was very successful. Motivated as he was, he followed all the rules for healing his foot and was very careful, while also trying to work up the money for the other foot. He is now back, and we have offered to raise the costs for his remaining surgery through our charity program, so Tamirat is really excited to see his left foot straighten out too! We are really happy to see him back here…


        Condition: extra digits

   Country: Ethiopia
Mekfira came with her mother from Laphto here in Addis Ababa. They were told about CURE from a mother of one of our former patients. Little Mekfira was born with an extra toe on each foot. When her mother saw it, at first she was very sad. She feared that it would cause pain and be a problem as Mekfira grew up, but friends were able to encourage her that it could be removed and would not be a problem. They have come to CURE and will be getting those extra digits removed! Yay!



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